In our vision, DODO will be fully governed by the community, and controlled by three DAOs

Admin DAO

Act as an administrator, the ultimate mediator of all issues.

Risk Control DAO

Act as a supervisor and deal with all risk events urgently.

Earn DAO

To distribute revenue of maintainer.


When DODO was launched, all authorities were governed by the team. As the community learns more about DODO, we will gradually return all the rights to the community. Although there is no timeline for this process yet, we do intend to follow the process.

1Set Admin to multi-sig wallet with daily limit✔️
2Deploy DODOWild: Allows anyone create their own DODO
3Issue governance token
4Set Maintainer to Earn DAO
5Set Admin to Admin DAO
6Set Supervisor to Risk Control DAO

What is the purpose of each step?

  1. All admin actions come with a public announcement period to avoid single point failure
  2. Anyone can create a new DODO Pair and use it to provide liquidity to their tokens. This marks the return of the code to the community
  3. Issue governance tokens and formulate a token distribution plan, which will initiate the step down process
  4. Hand over the profit distribution responsibility to Earn DAO
  5. After handing admin authority over to the DAO, the team has no real control rights, and only reserves the right to control risk
  6. The team steps down completely, marking the last step towards complete decentralization